Well tempered clavier book two sets of twenty-fours

Full text of the pictorial history of england, being a history of the people, as well as a history of the kingdom see other formats. Bach rosalyn tureck the welltempered clavier book 2. The welltempered clavier consists of a prelude and fugue in each major. Book two of the welltempered clavier dates from 173842 some 20 years after book one and was assembled from both newly composed pieces and various existing preludes and fugues going back a number of years. Some two decades later, bach would compose another set of twenty. Some 20 years later bach composed a second book of the same kind, which became known as the welltempered clavier, book ii. It explores the intricacies of each of the 12 major and 12 minor keys and constitutes the largestscale and mostinfluential undertaking for solo keyboard of the baroque era. Four preludes and fugues, commonly referred to as the welltempered. The welltempered clavier is two sets of preludes and fugues for keyboard. The welltempered clavier, bwv 846893, collection of 48 preludes and fugues by johann sebastian bach, published in two books 1722 and 1742. The well tempered clavier book 1 scrolling youtube. Bach expands some of the preludes to even greater proportions and writes others in binary form. All in all, theres a wealth of wonderful wtk sets available.

Bach, lagace the well tempered clavier, book 2 by bach. Each set contains twentyfour pairs of prelude and fugue. Bachs second collection of twentyfour preludes and fugues in all major and. Gloria, bach sets the scene firmly with an interpretation deeply rooted in an. In his liner notes to this fourcd set, paul griffiths underscores the suitability of bachs timeless keyboard work for the modern piano. They were published in two separate books, book i, which was composed in 1722, and book ii, composed in 1744. Bach, lagace the well tempered clavier, book 2 by bach music. The well tempered clavier has long been considered the old testament of the keyboard literature with beethovens piano sonatas as the new testament. The welltempered clavier, bwv 846893, is a collection of two sets of preludes and fugues in. In bachs time clavier keyboard was a generic name indicating a variety of keyboard instruments, most typically a harpsichord or clavichord but not excluding an. The art of prelude and fugue lura johnson, pianist.

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