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After a major overhaul, the scripts have now been renamed the salvage command suite and feature over 74 commands for salvaging ships, rocks, cargo and debris and selling it off. X3 ap with tc underneath allows you to do pretty much whatever you want. The x3 forums are very helpful and also have a list of great mods. X3lu is there any way to hotkey ship console commands. Just click the button below to download the pinnacle game profiler software, which includes a premade profile for x3. Terran conflict is part of a series of space simulation games set in the x universe, created by egosoft.

Still working on formatting, but all the information is there now. Initially, the learning curve of x3 is a steep journey to traverse along, and this isnt helped by the ui, but once familiarized with keyboard. X3 on this site forbidden any discussions of crack programs for x3 terran conflict any cracks, nocd, nodvd etc. Plutarch mining corporation hq equipment dock plutarch mining corporation hq equipment dock x3 albion prelude. The steam version uses an online activation version of tages. All these ships also have transporters not needed except on the mammoth for my method and jumpdrives easier and quicker to get them to the mining site and escape. Terran conflict game does not support all versions of windows os. This script adds a new hotkey and a new command to the game, which allow a ships to jump to jump gates, jump beacons, very large ships and under certain conditions, an. Also, what is the special command software used for. All plots complete albion prelude enable hub and phq plots for terran start, view image gallery.

You should see your ship listed twice in the trade screen once under repair ships and again under sell ships. Choose resupply ships, specify what ship or fleet, what you want to supply and the amount and off it goes. All my mission director stuff for x3 terran conflict. This will occasionally spill over into a dispute that will only be.

With it comes improvements to the engine, graphics, and gameplay, as well as a new plot. The inspiration of this guide was knowing how the new players feel, being thrown into a new world with no direction or bearings. X3 is one of those games i cannot play without certain mods. If you have any questions or need any help, please email us. This is a tutorial that shows how to use the mk3 trading software. Im currently trying to wrap up achievements in x3ap thanks to the subs help i was able to finish survivor a while back, wherein i switched to terran and finished that up very early on i switched to a springblossom standard layout of eempcs in the frontback and psscs in the side turrets and havent gone back. Keyboard, joystick, mouse and gamepad command keys. Most scripts that are labeled for terran conflict also work in albion prelude, but check the scripts thread in the mod forum. Check for viruses and also for other software interfering with the game.

This is the updated x3tc version of the salvage claim software mk. If you want to send a command to a different ship, use c to open the console ship must be targeted or marked with cursor, then use numberkeys like 1 for navigation, 2 for trade etc. Terran conflict and albion prelude, are both x3 games, but ap is the latest. Can someone suggest what type of ship where i can get it to combat this fleet of pirates. Drone carrier software 2 dcs2 more peace through superior firepower by drbullwinkle dcs2 is a complete production and equipping system for carrierbased fighters. Is there any way to bind commands such as dock, jump to sector etc to hotkeys. Tc list of software and corresponding ship commands updated 20102211 general discussions about the games by egosoft including xbtf, xt, x. Rebirth focusing on the war between earth and the rest of the x universe although a separate game, x3. Im not sure if the dock key is mapped on the keyboard, but i do. Make sure you have the special commands software installed on the.

I plan to keep some falcon haulers stocked up with space fuel, space weed and slaves docked in a pirate sector to fill these when i get a chance. It just bores the muffin pan out of me whenever i try to watch it, so no data about wtf is going on enters my brain. From the start menu click on programs, click egosoft and then click on x3. Linear programming solve the following lp problems using lingo software q 1. Personally i like argon discoverers and their variants, but any m5 is fine for training. The normal way would be to have a ts set there homebase to your station and then choose buy ware for best price and you will need another ts to sell ware for best price. Ive scanned the controls menu and couldnt find anything relevant. But just a couple of seconds in, you control your ship with the left mouse button and fire with the right one this couldnt feel any more awkward and unnatural, is there any way to change it back to the. In x3 terran conflict however, the first thing wich happen, are that you get contacted by space school, and that ship are basically a tutorial, and it might be boring, but its meant to learn. The triplex isnt really needed but every ship in my fleet has it installed. That being said, im looking for ways to make my workflow smoother, and navigating through 2 menus to access a simple dock command gets old fast.

Also, will the ai man my additional combat ships, or will i need to hire marines. Buy the trade command software packages and set it to a manual trade run for energy to any factory of your choice. This involves setting up a sector trader or universe trader and the best sector for sector. I want to take down this pirate brigantine that is disrupting my trades, but im having a lot of difficulty with just this ship. Note that if you are not docked yourself then to do this you will need trading system extension software installed on your ship. Hi all, so one of the things i like about some of the other games i play, such as stellaris, is that there are a variety of thirdparty tools to analyze the save file and produce a bunch of interesting statistical data, among other things. Depending on your luck, the ore supply should hold up for 35 trade runs before your returns start dimishing due to increasing cost.

Trade mk1 and mk2 but not the pricey mk3 and they need a navigation command. If you are having problems with third party drivers, use drivers supplied with the original. All the ships have mineral scanner, ore collector, special command software mk1, and triplex scanner. Search stations where you can buy ware x3 terran conflict x3tc. The best thing you can do is get cash together for a basic ts and trade command software mk3, and get a trader up and running. Reunion on the pc, a gamefaqs message board topic titled useless ship upgrades. Supply command software supply software is the culmination of work by several argon corporations. Im pretty new here in x3 tc, played x2 a long time ago and for way too many hours and just took a quick glance at x3 reunion until the storyline missions completely glitched out on me. Im new to x3, been playing it a few days now and got my first factory up.

Locate the shortcut to x3 that you use to play the game start menu, desktop, quick launch, etc. Terran conflict shortcut icon on your computer desktop. Im being mentored by a uk based x3 finantic who is guiding me, lord know you need some guidance in this game. An illustrated guide to cls page 2 of 7 written by kirlack, part 1 training your cls pilot equipping your cls training ship. Terran conflict and albion prelude, are both x3 games, but ap is the latest downloadable content and it does differ from terran conflict somewhat, but im not prepared to say what exactly. Luckily there is a great mod manager and a standard for oneclick. A major improvement to the current trade command software mk3. All scripts in albion prelude are installed into steam\steamapps\common\ x3 terran conflict \addon directory, generally in addont and addonscripts. I thought it would fly to the target and provide missiles until i reach my global missile requirements, but apparently not.

Tc list of software and corresponding ship commands. Tc for dummies has been designed with brand new players of the x universe in mind and comes with all the necessary information required to get started and good hints to get successful even faster. Terran conflict on the pc, a gamefaqs message board topic titled trade command software mk3. Ive built an illegals complex in hatkivahs faith, a pirate sector, made up of 2 space fuel, 2 wheat farms, 2 bliss place, and 2 dream farms to provide nearby sectors with weed and booze. But just a couple of seconds in, you control your ship with the left mouse button and fire with the right one this couldnt feel any more awkward and unnatural, is there any way to. Is anyone using the salvage command and npcs script by thisisharsh.

This is a very fast ship and while the hold is small, even externded. Problem with the supply command software and its ilk is that if you have a fighter with two types of weapons say pac and hepts it will attempt to equip the equipment higher up on the priority list first which also happens to be the weakest on your first slot. Terran conflict on the pc, a gamefaqs message board topic titled preferred controls. The game is guaranteed to run on the following versions. At the initial startup screen, you may change some basic settings. Terran conflict, offering a look at the latest installment in egosofts space combat series. The fix for this is to ignore one or all of the buttons that is generated by the switch, and x3 includes a means to do this. Albion prelude uses most of the assets contained in x3. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The best way to supply your own stations is with the cag script found in the official bonus pack. Deep silver and egosoft have released a nonplayable demo of x3. Albion prelude is still the best space simulator on pc. From there you can use the communication option keyboard shortcut c. Albion prelude marks the last game to use the engine thats been iterated upon for nearly all of the x franchises games.

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