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With mark wingett, darren james king, chris bell, ryan regis. The hooligan factory was the most disappointing and dreadful movie i have seen in a long time. Download the hooligan wars 20 yify torrent for 1080p. When his best friend tries to steer him in the right path, there is a tragic turn of events. Documentary which examines the motivation behind the organisation of football violence by groups such as west hams intercity firm, who often travel by first class ticket. With interviews featuring his friends, family, directors and costars.

Download the hooligan wars 20 yify torrent for 720p. Reece dinsdale is john, the cop who goes undercover to infiltrate a football gang the supporters of shadwell town, no less but ends up being seduced by the violence, becoming one of the very men he sought to bring down. The film heavily parodies titles from the british hooligan genre films and focuses mainly on the firm, along with the football factory. A tragic twist awaits a brainwashed young man turning to street battles to escape the projects in london and his best friend trying to intervene. Joining him on his mission is hooliganwannabe danny, who wants to. Free movies to watch from your own home crackle is a free streaming service, and here is what is coming in the upcoming month. The trailer for i am hooligan arrives from greenway entertainment and producers steven m. List of football hooligan movies the firms the firms. A dark alley, a lone man walks down it, he is being followed, he picks up his pace but then he spots people blocking the end of the alley. That was it for me, i knew then when i grew up, i wanted fast cars. The rise and fall of a white collar hooligan 2012 12.

I am hooligan 2016 1h 21min action, drama 5 september 2016 uk a young lad is brainwashed into thinking his only way out of his life on a london estate is to become a football hooligan and fight his way out. Five criminals unknown to each other are hired to complete a bank robbery. I really wouldnt bother evenconsidering this film, there are so many greats and this wouldnt hitthe top. Green street this football hooligan genre film about an expelled harvard student who joins west hams firm is compellingly awful but its entertaining if you cant sleep. Jobless and with a pregnant girlfriend, he buys an ice cream van and starts his work. I am hooligan 2016 is an action, drama movie starring darren james king and mark wingett. The hooligan factory is a hilarious take on the football hooligan genre, youve seen footsoldier, youve seen football factory and you saw green street but you have never seen anything like this. I am chinese, and the story had nothing to do with me, so i didnt realize that i needed to be in the film until halfway through editing. But in the case of i am another you, it was a story about this guy and his family in america. How a young man wants to get away from his estate and his options are limited. Growing up on an estate filled with drugs, guns and football hooligans isn t easy for justin. Law of survival comes a hard hitting urban escape film. The number shut up the soup presents celebrity scandal and the people who wont shut up about them.

When that movie hit the theaters i was a little boy but i vividly remember just totally digging the trans am and the power it displayed on film. When he starts hanging out watch i am hooligan in streaming on. It questions the members of the icf about their motives and attitudes. The film is to be released through high fliers distribution on dvd and bluray, 5th september 2016 and will be in all major uk stores. The hooligan wars letterboxd social film discovery.

Could have had more violence, more of da humping and a sense of humour, but all in due time son. Actor malcolm mcdowell talks about his life and career. Thanks to awareness from police after these old rivalries, it is now safe for everyone to enjoy the beautiful game without fear of being attacked because of who you support. Steven m smith haunted 5 demons haunted 4 phantoms the test doll cemetery the haunting of borley rectory haunted 3 spirits haunted 2 apparitions red army hooligans the howling 2017 the doll master borstal invasion earth i am hooligan essex boys law. List of football hooligan movies the firms the football factory 2004 after i. I am hooligan 2016 ryan regis and darren james king in i am hooligan 2016 mark wingett and. I an attempt to escape from his life on a london estate, justin turns to football hooliganism as a way to fight his way out. With sean bean, tamer hassan, jamie dorrington, andrew jennings. I am soldier is a very incompetent dramatised version of a british.

I am hooligan full movie watch online, stream or download chili. Soon a gang of polish drug mafia starts irritating him. I am hooligan film i am hooligan 05 september 2016. It was when i started editing hooligan sparrow that i realized i had to be in the film. The film project harry styles tells adelaide crowd to shut up on the road again tour. Legendary football hooligan, dex, is released from prison and sets about putting his firm back together. I turned off with 20 minutes to go and have just sold mines on ebay making a small loss. Here you will find links to amazon of all the best hooligan films that have ever been released. Cass dvd following the life of cass pennant icf inter city firm 2008.

It opened alot of eyes to what was really going on off the pitch. I am hooligan 2016 dvdrip full movie watch online free. It gives the views of leicester university sociologists who have for five years studied the social roots. Top 20 football hooligan films of all time football fairground. Hooligan nyc company new york, new york facebook 1.

Tom hughes, george russo, alex reid, noel clarke, josh myers, ian pirie, lee charles, joe egan and miranda raison writer. The hooligan factory is a 2014 football hooliganism spoof film directed, cowritten and starring nick nevern. I am hooligan official trailer 2016 hd football hooligan film. When he starts hanging out with a nasty gang headed by loudmouthed drug dealer kevin he is persuaded to beat up an innocent bystander just for kicks and starts to enjoy the hooligan lifestyle. Vf hooligan 2 complet streaming vf streaming complet. When 8 teenagers travel to the middle of nowhere to fight their inner demons, they find the light at the end of the. A novice football player is injured in a bar fight and is out of the next tournament. The subject of her film was an activist and advocate for sex workers rights known by the socialmedia alias hooligan sparrow who was deeply involved in protests against the case of six. Hooligan 2012 donal macintyre takes a look at fan violence at football games. Watch i am hooligan 2016 dvdrip full movie online free directed by. Set on the same estate as a clockwork orange, this film builds a lot form that. It stars nick nevern, simon phillips, rita ramnani, roland manookian, billy murray and ricci harnett.

A young lad is brainwashed into thinking his only way out of his life on a london estate is to become a football hooligan and fight his way out. It was justawful, i have nothing decent to say about this film at all. My road to becoming a complete car nut was a short one. Hooligan 2 complet streaming vf streaming complet streaming complet vf, hooligan 2 complet streaming vf streaming complet film complet streaming, hooligan 2 complet. All of these football hooligan films contain the typical script themes, monster in the house, the quest, redemption. Sean bean game of thrones, the lord of the rings series presents one of the hardest hitting films on football violence ever made.

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